Company Overview

Sauris GmbH (based in Munich, Germany) is a designer, developer and manufacturer of development tools for TI’s MCU- and DSP-technology as we as we are providing embedded hardware design & development services.

With our company’s help, you can build safe and cost-effective embedded systems that are easy to operate and ensure maximum performance. We provide embedded product design and development for a wide range of embedded systems. Our team can implement small-scale projects based on an 8-, 16-, or 32-bit microcontroller, design SoC-powered electronics, and build 32- and 64-bit single-board computers (SBCs). We create sophisticated embedded systems with increased security requirements and a rich collection of peripherals and I/O capabilities.

Embedded hardware design services our engineering firm provides include simple and complex designs from concept to production. We build embedded systems for modern products for consumer, industrial, automation, security and medical.

Our Services

  • PCB design & layout (Writing a technical specification, Schematic design, PCB layout, PCB fabrication and testing, Technical support).
    Our electronic designers take your product specifications through to architecture design, schematics, printed circuit board layout, and all the way to organizing manufacturing and assembly
  • FPGA design (Architecture development, FPGA design, the configuration of IP cores, CPLD design).
    We implement high-performance systems using two types of digital logic chips: Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) for high gate count designs, and Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLD) for simpler logic applications with low gate count designs.
  • Hardware product design
    After analyzing the project specification and all input data, our technical specialists may suggest several approaches to design and build your device. During the development, your product may undergo several iterations and reviews to achieve the desired result. Depending on your requirements, Sauris’s engineering team is ready to provide a full range of hardware product design services.
  • Prototyping and assembly
  • Testing, device validation

Embedded Hardware Design and Development is an integral part of product development. These services are intended to complement the embedded systems design and software design and development services offered. This hardware design is for microcontrollers and microprocessors or smaller FPGA systems. The hardware design, both mechanical and electronics, is done in parallel with software development.

With a deep knowledge of all modern technology platforms, our embedded product design company will recommend that you choose a system on a chip, wireless module, or semiconductor device suitable for your project. Our engineers are certified hardware experts who keep up to speed with the latest advances in the field of electronic design services.

Embedded System Hardware Design and Development Overview The hardware design process involves both mechanical design and electronics design. The basic process starts with conceptual design during the embedded systems design and requirements specification phase

Cooperation procedure:

Industrial Customized Cooperation Way

Hardware Design Process

The hardware design process is as follows:

  • Node Hardware Requirements specification
  • Detailed node architecture and design for electronics in parallel with detailed mechanical design and packaging concept and initial prototypes
  • Part selection, schematic capture, printed circuit board design and layout in parallel with mechanical prototype refinement
  • Prototype assembly and further mechanical refinement
  • Prototype bring-up, design verification and testing
  • Documentation and support in parallel with automated manufacturing testing and end of line testing.

At Sauris GmbH, we look from the end-users perspective and anticipate the challenges that may emerge in the near future. We, as a team plan to take care of these challenges right from the initial stage of the design and development process. Our engineers are certified hardware experts who consider the concerns of the customer most significant. They take costing, identity with the brand, ease of manufacturability and time to market etc., as a part of the design process. We work proactively with our design team and overseas vendors to ensure a quicker turnaround time.

Years of experience in hardware product design and embedded systems development allow Sauris GmbH to deliver innovative and competitive solutions to clients across various industries.

Having a strong combination of hardware and software engineering skills, our team will be supporting your project initiatives during the whole product lifecycle. From an idea and rapid prototyping to legacy firmware update and full-fledged hardware development — we’ll help ensure seamless performance of your solution