Company Overview

Sauris GmbH (based in Munich, Germany) is a designer, developer and manufacturer of Hardware development tools for TI digital signal processors and microcontrollers and application specific devices.


Description of Product(s) or Service(s)

Sauris designed tools for Texas Instruments C2000, Stellaris; C5000, C6000, OMAP, DaVinci and TMS470 MCU and DSP. Sauris markets its products through a direct sales force, and strategic re-sellers.

SAU-XDS510-USB Lite Sauris.png
SAU510-USB ISO PLUS v.2 JTAG Emulator Sauris.png
SAU100-USB (v.2) Sauris.png
Sitara ARM AM3517 05 SAU-Module Sauris.png
Sitara ARM AM3517 05 SAU-Module Navigation Edition Sauris.png
AM3517 05 SAU Module Development Kit Sauris.png